Bundaberg Solar Farm Investment

MK Consultancy seeking partners for financing 108 MWp / 78 MWe solar power plant project in Bundaberg, Australia Site Area: 146.6 (Ha) Licence Capacity: 108 MWp/ 78 MWe PPA Duration: 15 Years Estimated PPA Price: 5-5.5 cents/kwH (AUD) (negotiation on going) Annual Net Output: 185.254 MWh Connection Voltage Level: 132 kV Detailed information: TERM SHEET – Australia Bundaberg Project Term Sheet … Read More

Turkey’s Yeka-3 Solar Energy Tender Term

YEKA-3 SOLAR TENDER Project Location: Various 36 Cities PPA Duration: 15 Years Tender Date: Oct.2020 Minimum Single Project Capacity: 10 MW Maximum Single Project Capacity: 20 MW Total Tender Capacity: 1000 MW Average Total Insolation Duration: 2741 hours (7.5 hours per day) Average Annual Solar Radiation: 1527 kWh/(m²·yr) Tender Summary Turkey issued a tender call for 10,15 and 20 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity under the Renewable Energy … Read More