We are ARDEA, we are involved in 1500+ projects and we have installed power more than 900 MWe, for now.

About Us

ARDEA, has been involved in more than 1500 projects and have installed more than 900 MWe.

ARDEA aims to further establish its place in the energy sector as a reliable and respected energy solution provider. In doing so, we place a high emphasis on the development of the business framework that provide the highest standards of quality and management principles surrounding the project’s needs.

Renewable energy sources primarily targeted in projects are wind, water (hydro) and sun. We retain the proper infrastructure to be able to offer optimum solutions with a high level of efficiency in management, technology, and price performance. A strong engineering-oriented team further provides industry follow ups and the company further offers any assistance the client may require, utilizing a vast network of connections acquired working in the energy sector for years.

ARDEA has been involved in the design and construction of more than 1500 projects so far and the total installed power of these projects is more than 900 MWe. ARDEA prioritizes customer satisfaction and seeks to further establish long lasting professional and corporate connections.

Headquartered in Turkey, partner Office in Switzerland (MK Consultancy), ARDEA Project & Consultancy employs professionals at over more than 100 renewable energy projects, and is your partner for all your energy solutions.