Turkey’s Yeka-3 Solar Energy Tender Term


Project Location: Various 36 Cities
PPA Duration: 15 Years
Tender Date: Oct.2020
Minimum Single Project Capacity: 10 MW
Maximum Single Project Capacity: 20 MW
Total Tender Capacity: 1000 MW
Average Total Insolation Duration: 2741 hours (7.5 hours per day)
Average Annual Solar Radiation: 1527 kWh/(m²·yr)

Tender Summary

  • Turkey issued a tender call for 10,15 and 20 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity under the Renewable Energy Resources Zone (YEKA) tender scheme.
  • In various 36 cities total of 1000 MW capacity auction will be organized.
  • Single project size cannot be less than 10 MW and more than 20 MW.
  • Tender will be awarded according to lowest price offer.

Qualification and Financial Requirements

  • There are no eligibility restrictions based on the firm’s previous project experience.
  • Interested firms or group of firms are invited to submit temporary warranty letter with a value of 3.500.000 TL/10 MW, 5.500.000 TL/15 MW, 7.000.000 TL/20 MW.
  • Award firms to submit permanent warranty letter worth 7.000.000 TL/10 MW, 11.000.000 TL/15 MW, 14.000.000 TL/20 MW for minimum single project capacity.

Additional Information

  • Project location should be purchased or rented by the interested firms.
  • Local content usage is a must at an appropriate percentage for the equipment used